The XR Innovation Summit is Africa’s premier virtual conference, uniting industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators from across and beyond the continent to explore the latest advancements in Extended Reality (XR) technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Spatial Computing.

The XR Innovation Summit is a virtual event, which means it will be held online. The summit is scheduled to hold from August 22nd – 24th 2024 from 5 PM WAT daily.

Registration for the XR Innovation Summit 2024 are available via You can sign up by filling out the registration form. Early registration is encouraged to secure your spot.

The summit will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Latest advancements in AI and XR technology.
  • The Convergence of AI and XR: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Human-Centric Design in AI and XR Applications
  • Education and Training in the Age of AI and XR
  • Cross-Industry Applications of AI and XR

Yes, the XR Innovation Summit will offer various networking opportunities, including virtual meetups, breakout sessions, and networking Q&A sessions where attendees can connect with industry experts and peers.

We welcome proposals for presentations, panels, and workshops. If you are interested in speaking at the summit, please submit your proposal through our call for speakers form available via this link  (Speakers Application Form

To become a panelist or moderator for the XR Innovation Summit, please fill in this application form via this link (Panelist & Moderator Form). Our team will contact you with further details if you are selected. For additional inquiries, please reach out to our speaker coordinator at

We are open to partnerships with organizations that align with our mission and goals. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please reach out to us at to discuss partnership opportunities or fill the XRIS partnership form via this link         (Call for Partners)

We offer product exhibition demo sessions for companies to showcase their XR products and solutions. To apply, please contact our exhibition team at

To become a sponsor for the XR Innovation Summit, please contact our sponsorship team directly at for detailed information and assistance.

To volunteer for the XR Innovation Summit, fill out the volunteer application form via this link (Volunteer Form) with your details and areas of interest. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email with further instructions and details about your volunteer role.

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