Arome Ibrahim

Convener - XR Innovation Summit

Arome is an XR Business Analyst, Immersive Technologist and the Program Director of Immersive Tech Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to democratizing and increasing access to Extended Reality (XR) technology across the African continent. Under his guidance, Immersive Tech Africa has leveraged education, training, and research initiatives to foster a thriving and inclusive XR community in Africa.

As the convener of the XR Innovation Summit, Africa’s premier virtual XR conference, Arome and his team have played a pivotal role in bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to explore the vast potential of XR technology. Additionally, he serves as the team lead for the XR Innovation Launchpad program, a platform empowering emerging talents in the XR space.

Arome’s exceptional expertise and innovative contributions have garnered widespread recognition, including prestigious accolades like the Next Economy Entrepreneurship Hero and the Next Economy Impact Award from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His commitment to advancing XR technology in Africa has been further acknowledged with awards like the Digital Lab Africa #5 XR award and selection for the New Dimensions Lab by Electric South.

Arome has been recognized as one of the ten emerging African creators by Garage Stories and New Images Festival Paris. His efforts in democratizing XR in Africa led to his inclusion among the Top 50 Voices in VR, AR, and 3D (2022/2023) by Threedium UK, a testament to his tireless dedication to the field.

Arome’s extensive speaking engagements include the Augmented World Expo Europe, Laval Virtual Paris, New Images Festival Paris, Immersive Global Summit, Global XR Conference, Games for Change Festival, and the WebXR Education Summit, where he discussed XR technology’s transformative potential in education, business and social development. 

Beyond his speaking engagements, Arome has received numerous awards, including the Erasmus Mundus Masters Scholarship in Impact Entrepreneurship and the Oasis Innovation Challenge Winner in the AR/VR category. He is a proud recipient of the THINC Fellowship Program, Electric South New Dimensions Lab Artists, and the Opportunities Hub 100 Most Influential Young People.

As a dynamic leader and an impact-driven changemaker, Arome continues to shape the XR landscape in Africa, leaving an indelible mark through his innovative projects, impactful initiatives, and commitment to empowering the next generation of XR creatives.