Casie Lane Millhouse

Head of Business Development - Sashiyu

I’m a proud USAF veteran, pre-med college dropout who journeyed across the globe in high performance sports to become tech innovator at Meta. My path has been anything but conventional. Now based in Singapore, I leverage my diverse experiences to bridge traditional healthcare education with transformative technologies. I’m the kind of person who needs to learn everyday!

My journey has taught me the art of networking—building robust connections in Asia and beyond, despite my non-tech origins. These connections are not just links; they are bridges connecting ideas and innovations across continents.

In my current role, I drive the exploration, adoption and integration of AI and XR technologies, enhancing healthcare services to save lives and improve quality of life with technology companies paired with non-profits. My main focus at the moment is helping disabled friends and those in recovery/rehabilitation.

Insights, breakthroughs, and the latest developments in AI & XR healthcare technology. From how these technologies are revolutionizing healthcare to educational technologies shaping future professionals—my feed is a resource for learning about and understanding the future of healthcare. Come on this learning with me.