Julie Smithson

Co-Founder & COO - MetaVRse

Julie Smithson’s personal mission is to ‘inspire and educate people to think and act in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible way’.

It is through this lens as co-founder at MetaVRse, a 3D Web game engine for Business & XR development company.  Julie is leading enterprise companies to digitally transform and educate ways to immersive and remotely train users of the product/service. Julie guides her team to translate instructional language, interaction behaviors and curate knowledge testing gamification for businesses.

Julie’s leadership is focused on transforming training & marketing into immersive experiences using technologies to design Web3 solutions, integration implementation and deployment to produce growth benefits, cost savings and human efficiencies.

Julie is also co-Chair of XRWomen.com , a global group of women who meet every Wednesday and learn about the applications of extended realities.  The group works to advocate, inspire and build communities aimed at inclusivity of gender equality, race and ethnicity in the digital sector and beyond.

Julie is the host of the XR For Learning podcast. Julie also leads XR Collaboration, a coalition supporting human connectivity through digital presence in platforms building communication and collaboration.  Julie is also founder of XR Ignite to support the innovation and entrepreneurship of our communities. She also sits on panels and in leading conversations about interoperability standards and alignments with Khronos Group and MetaTr@versal.

Previous to MetaVRse, Julie was Co-Founder of Emulator, the World’s most advanced DJ system, which won the prestigious 2011 DJ Mag Innovative Product Award.  She scored a $500K deal on the hit TV show Dragons’ Den.