Walid Kilonzi

Extended Reality Producer - Fallohide

When mother said not to stand too close to the TV screen, who knew many years later I’d be making a living by having one literally on my face?

A pioneering Extended Reality Producer and a Creative Director with a knack for telling stories, a flair for detail, and a hint of humour. I blend storytelling, the human condition, and Mise-en-scène (aka magic) to share your brand’s message through immersive experientials or stories and get you new clients or rope in new audiences.

I have a proven and experienced background in 360 productions, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, simulations, 360 animations and VR games for multinational companies, SMEs, African governments and NGOs based all around Africa. I also train and teach universities and other institutions about immerse media and XR,from concept to distribution.

In a nutshell, my passion for creativity and constant learning is accompanied by the thrill of production. I’m not the Producer who just wants to get a project out the door. I’m the Producer who actually wants to think outside the box (or rather just throw the box away), get my hands dirty, deliver and distribute good content that is effective for your audience. This is what I love to do.